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What are SUV, MPV, Hatch Back, Sedan and Luxury Cars

What are SUV Cars

What are SUV cars

Typically an off-roading capable car, an SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) generally has a 4 wheel drive, meaning engine power flows to all the 4 wheels of the car. SUVs generally stand tall with high ground clearance, making it suitable for all kinds of terrain. It maybe a 5 or 7 seater depending on the length of the vehicle. Examples are Range Rover, Land Cruiser, Jeep Cherokee, Fortuner, etc.

What are MPV cars

It stands for Multi Purpose Vehicle. As the name suggests, they mostly accommodate 7–8 people. They stand tall with good ground clearance but need not necessarily be as tall as an SUV. Common examples are that of Innova, Ertiga, Sienna, Windster, Mobilio, etc.

What are Hatchback cars

Hatchback cars

Hatchback are type of vehicles do not have a stretched boot. Usually less than 4 metres in length, these vehicles are the most common in developing countries. They are much smaller in height compared to the SUVs. They are mostly used to carry 4–5 people. Common examples are Polo, i20, etc.

What are Sedan cars


Sedans are extended forms of hatchback cars. They have a rear boot that projects out of the body. They are longer than 4 metres and carry 4–5 people. Common examples are City, Passat, Corolla, Camry. Hyundai and so on

What are Luxury Cars 

Luxury cars

There’s no fixed definition of a luxury car. But luxury cars are mostly known for their luxury features in the vehicle. They have features such as heated seats, leather seats, ample leg room, brilliant suspension for smooth ride, top quality music system, and many many more. Luxury cars might be fast as well but that’s not necessary to qualify to be called as luxury cars. Common examples are Rolls Royce, Bentley, 7 series, A8, Range Rover and so on.

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