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Polestar is recalls over 2000 electric cars due to software bug

Polestar recall

Drivers who have purchased and delivered a Polestar 2 will have to return it for servicing because a software bug has been found that could cause the EV to stop suddenly. In total, more than 2,000 cars are being recalled.

The cause of the problem is in the battery energy control module , Polestar said in a statement . The error causes the battery to stop supplying power while driving and the vehicle to come to an abrupt halt. The error does not affect the steering, brakes and safety systems. Anyone who comes to a standstill on the road can call up the roadside assistance service using the Connect button in the roof console of their vehicle.

The manufacturer has investigated and verified the problem after ‘a small number of customers’ reported it. It is not known how many customers are involved; there are no known accidents. 

The recall affects all a total of 2,189 Polestar 2 models shipped. Owners should take their car to a service point for a manual software update to correct the problem. Polestar also recommends checking the headlight level as it may have been incorrectly adjusted at the factory and the dipped beam would then shine too high.

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