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Honda to stop Formula 1 after 2021

Honda will stop as a supplier of Formula 1 engines after 2021, because the car manufacturer wants to use its money and resources to further develop zero-emission cars. Honda wants to focus strongly on electric cars and hydrogen cars.

Honda’s goal is to only make CO₂-neutral cars by 2050 and to have two-thirds of its range consist of electric cars by 2030. In order for that to succeed, the manufacturer will stop developing F1 fuel engines after next year. This frees up money and resources in the field of research and development that are used for the development of emission-free cars.

In April this year, Honda established the Innovative Research Excellence, Power Unit & Energy center. That business unit is working on technologies for emission-free cars, such as battery-electric cars and hydrogen cars. The knowledge gained in F1 is combined here.

Honda returned to Formula 1 as an engine supplier in 2015. The car brand did not have its own team. The Honda power unit is currently in use with the Red Bull Racing and Scuderia AlphaTauri F1 teams. Honda will continue to provide those teams with fuel engines this year and next.

Honda already makes electric cars such as the compact Honda e . The Japanese carmaker also has hydrogen cars in production in the Clarity range . Those models are currently only available in California and Japan.

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