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Suzuki’s 2020 V-Strom 1050 goes high-tech in high style

The V-Strom line has long been one of Suzuki’s most popular though it’s typically lagged behind other brands when it comes to electronics, but not anymore.

Suzuki is a well-loved brand among motorcyclists, and within its lineup, one of the most loved model families of them all is the V-Strom line of adventure touring bikes. Traditionally, the V-Strom has been offered in a small displacement 650 version and a larger-displacement 1000 version, but for 2020 that’s going to change a little.

Suzuki announced its newest generation of V-Strom on Wednesday during the EICMA trade show in Milan. This fresh-off-the-press Strom ditches the 1000 moniker for the name “V-Strom 1050,” but what does that mean in practical terms?

Well, to start, the 1050 will be offered in three flavors. You’ll have your basic V-Strom 1050, then you’ll get the more rugged V-Strom 1050XT, and then at the top of the heap, you’ll have the 1050XT Adventure. The Adventure part mostly means that it has aluminum luggage and heated grips (and oh, do we love heated grips).

When you opt for the XT or XT Adventure models, you also get Suzuki’s Intelligent Ride System. This basically means that it’s got a ride-by-wire system that allows cruise control, ride modes and traction control. You also get some cool off-road features like hill hold and a really cool-sounding Slope Dependent Control System, which modulates your braking force for you to help prevent rear-wheel lift while going downhill. Also onboard is a Load Dependent Control System that adjusts brake force depending on how much weight the bike is carrying.

Other notable though less techy features include a wind tunnel-tested height-adjustable windscreen, a height-adjustable seat and creature comforts like handguards and a center stand. The V-Strom also gets an LCD instrument cluster and a USB port near the handlebars to help you charge your phone or GPS unit.

The bike will be available in three colors, including black, orange and white (our favorite) and Championship Yellow. Suzuki is keeping quiet about pricing and an on-sale date for the V-Strom 1050, but we’d expect it to be cost-competitive with offerings from the likes of Yamaha and Triumph.

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