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More autonomy for the Tesla Model 3 2021

Tesla3 model

Recently marketed in Europe, the smallest Tesla is already experiencing some updates. Thus, its autonomy increases but its price remains the same.

The Tesla Model 3 , the American manufacturer’s entry-level model, is updated with some new features concerning both mechanics and aesthetics and functionality. On the mechanical side, therefore, the Long Range and Performance versions inherit the heat pump from the Model Y SUV and are equipped with lower resistance tires. This allows Tesla to announce an increased range in the WLTP homologation cycle with respectively 580km (+ 20km) and 567km (+ 37km) promised on a charge .

Finishing details now black

On the look side, the Model 3 adopts a darker allure. The trimming of the windows as well as the door handles and sills are now black. The turn signal repeaters have a smoked finish . The seat controls are now dark gray, and the hitherto glossy black inserts in the passenger compartment become matt black.

The sedan also receives a redesigned center console to accommodate a dual induction charger and a new storage bin with cover , and the steering wheel is entitled to metallic buttons. Two new USB-C ports are emerging for occupants, as well as a USB-A port installed in the glove box to record data from the on-board camera and Sentinel mode. New rims appear in the catalog. Finally, the trunk can now be opened electrically, including via the car’s central display or the Tesla mobile app .

High-end models already available

On the price side, count € 57,800 for the Tesla Model 3 Grande Autonomie and € 64,890 for the Performance version . A restyled Model 3 Autonomie Standard Plus, less expensive, will arrive in French dealerships next February.

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