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What is Suspension System

Suspension System

In this article you will find information about the operation of the suspension system. You will also find information about the structure of the suspension system here.

Suspension systems

The most important task of the suspension system is to absorb irregularities in the road surface and ensure that the irregularities of the road surface are not transferred to the car. Another task of the suspension system is to increase driving comfort and to ensure that the car is always stable on the road. There are several types of suspension systems.

Types of suspension systems

There are different types of suspension systems. The most common suspension system is the Mc phershon suspension system. With this suspension system, all wheels can spring individually from each other. Another common spring system is The front wheels have independent suspension and the rear wheels are spring dependent on each other because they are connected by a rear axle. The front springs are mounted on the subframe and on the body.

Shock absorber

The shock absorbers ensure that the springs spring out again after taking bumps. This is done by means of hydraulic pressure in the shock absorbers. As a result, it disengages immediately after compression.

Stabilizer systems

It is important that a car always remains stable, otherwise you will fly in all directions. This is achieved by applying a stabilization system. In almost all cases this consists of a stabilizer bar and stabilizer bar arms. The stabilizer bar is mounted under the body. The arms are attached to the wishbones and the stabilizer bar. The stabilizer bar is always stable, by means of a weight in the middle. This keeps the wishbones stable and allows them to absorb unevenness in the road surface without the car leaning over.


Good maintenance is very important for the suspension system for the car. If it is not maintained properly, you as a driver can be seriously endangered. Driving comfort will also decrease sharply. Points to pay attention to Are the condition of the springs and shock absorbers. Pay particular attention to rust and possible leakage. The maintenance is always best carried out by a recognized company

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