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Importance of proper and timely Engine oil replacement

Engine oil for an engine is almost exactly like blood for human body. Engine oil does not just lubricate the engine parts. The engine oil has many important functions in an engine other than just that.

Though Lubrication is one of the most important of it, A good engine oil also cools the engine parts. Apart from these, Engine oil also seals the piston blow-by and damps the vibrations to a large extent.

There is 1 more rarely discussed virtue of engine oil which is called its property of Detergency. The detergency property of engine oil cleans the engine parts of carbon and sludge. Below picture shows 2 identical engine parts – 1 of it is in an engine which undergoes proper oil change following proper intervals. The other, Not that lucky an engine. The photos speaks for itself.

A few of my friends have asked me about the blackening of the engine oil within a couple of 1000 KMs. It does not always mean that if the engine oil turns black, the oil needs to be changed, Though It could be correct also in some cases.

If an engine oil blackens in early Kilometers, It may also tell you that you engine oil has good detergency properties where the oil brings down the carbon and sludge, cleaning the engine parts.

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