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Tyre “Tread wear indicator” or “TWI”

Tyres are an important part of the vehicle like footwear is to us. Many of us seldom takes care of this poor thing. There are a lot of categories for a tyre. Radial, Nylon, All terrain, Performance to name a few.Each tyre has its own advantages. Well, I am not here to explain of different types of tyres now. I shall include it in later posts.

Tyre wear is a natural phenomenon. You can’t escape it. Every part, when used, wears off except may be the brain which many a time people seldom uses.

A tread wear indicator on a tyre is an indication to inform the user about the remaining life of the tyre.
Tread Wear Indicator or TWI is mentioned on the tyre itself like the photos attached.

As and when the tread wear indicator starts coming in contact with the road, you should consider replacing the tyre.

Tip – In a vehicle with more than 2 wheels, When replacing the tyres on the drive wheels (Wheels which receive engine power), do not use the combination of an old and new tyre. Both the drive tyres should be of same diameter (New or old). Using one new tyre and one worn out tyre for drive wheels will accelerate the wear and tear of differential or trans-axle.

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