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Periodic Maintenance Service

Periodic Maintenance Service (PMS) otherwise called as “Kilometer service”, “General service” or Just “Service” is the most important maintenance activity which will enhance the service life of the vehicle, reduce major repair costs and increase operational safety.
For me, PMS is not just Periodic Maintenance Service. It is Preventive Maintenance Service too. During PMS, faulty and doubtful parts are repaired or replaced so as to avoid a brake-down.
Parts will have wear and tear during its usage. The wear and tear is also dependent on the riding pattern, atmospheric conditions, geographic conditions, Operational area etc to name a few.
The wear should be compensated with required adjustments during a periodic maintenance along with other service operations like cleaning, lubing, retightening and inspection.
A manufacturer generally specifies the limit of safe usability of a part which is technically called the “service limit”. Service limit implies to wear and tear parts as well as other parts too. Service limit of a part is defined as the maximum “Time or Distance” (Whichever is earlier) that can be covered by the vehicle while a particular part is properly assembled on the vehicle.
For example: An air filter.
An Air filter is a very important part of an air intake system. It protects the engine parts from damages resulting from dust entry. Repairing or replacing damaged engine parts due to dust entry can be a very costly affair.
An air filter needs to be cleaned during every PMS schedule and need to be replaced at may-be 10,000 km, 20,000 km or more as per manufacturer’s specification.
But there is again a clause to it. Service limit is the “Maximum time or distance” the said part can cover under “standard operating conditions”. Which means, if the part wears off faster due to abnormal conditions like High atmospheric temperature, Higher than normal water absorption, Operation in heavy dust conditions, Rash and negligent driving, Induced damages, usage of vehicle in activities other than it is intended to be used for, Usage of substandard parts etc, the part may warrant a replacement before the Time or Distance are covered.
In such conditions, dear friends, please do not hesitate to replace the required spare part(s) rather than asking and fighting to avoid a replacement. Also, please do not settle down for spurious parts just because they are less on cost. By doing so, you are not just risking your life but the lives of your near and dear ones and other road users are also put in danger.

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