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Common car maintenance tips for every vehicle

Knowing the nitty gritty of car maintenance can go a long way in determining the lifespan of your car. Moreover a properly maintained car is easier to handle even while driving. You will be saving yourself a lot of costs if you carryout these maintenance tips.

  1. Regular Inspection

Regular inspection involves checking and accessing the different parts and components of your car. If you can perform these actions solely then it’s great but you can decide to get a professional to assist you.

  1. Check the tyres and wheels

Before driving off with your car, it’s necessary you check the tire pressure of the car as well as your spare tyre. Inspect the thread depth of your tyres. If you can check alignment and clean off dusts on the brakes.

  1. Check the Engine

Check the belt in your engine, the oil level, the water in the radiator, engine air filter and the spark plugs. Replace the ones that needs replacement and top up the oil and water if necessary

  1. Check for fuel and gas

Check if you have enough fuel/gas for your journey and top up if necessary.

  1. Check the body of your car

Check to see if there are dents in your car. If there are minor dents like little scratches use hydraulic to clean it off or you could use spray paints. You can also use car waxes after washing your car

  1. Check the electricals

Check the battery terminals of your car to ascertain if they are properly connected as well as the battery terminal sign. Check if you have your emergency jumper should incase you ll need it in your trip. Check and replace broken indicator bulbs. Check your indicator lights.

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