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Meaning of different indicator lights

There are lights that display on your dashboard when you lock on the ignition of your car. These lights are connected to sensors that notifies you if there is a fault in your car. Though you run maintenance checks on your car, there is a possibility you may not notice a particular fault in your car, that’s why you need to learn an know the meaning of the indicator lights on your dashboard

Oil Light Warning

The oils pressure light indicates when there is low oil pressure and needs topping. It could also be as a result of oil pump failure or blockage. This is one of the indicator lights you must not joke with because it could ruin the engine of your car.

Coolant warning lights

The coolant warning light lets you know your car is overheating. This could be as a result of different reasons however, allow your engine to cool down and then top up water in the radiator.

ABS Warning Light

The Anti Lock Breaking System warning indicator lights is another warning light you should never ignore. It’s in your best interest to visit the nearest mechanic shop if you experience such. ABS keeps your car stable and controllable in situations where you need to suddenly stop your car.

Brake Warning Light

The brake warning light could pop up on your dashboard for a couple of reasons; because the brake fluid is low and needs topping or that the parking brakes are engaged. If you resolve these two and the indicator light is still on, visit your mechanic.

Electrical fault light

This light indicates that the charging system of your car is faulty. In most cases it’s an issue with the alternator. It could also be that your car battery needs to be charged.

Service Engine light

The Service Indicator Light lets you know when your car servicing schedule is near.

Check engine light

The Check Engine Lights indicates there are faults in the various components of your engine and your car needs a mechanic.

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