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How to Change Power Steering Fluid

Recently, most cars are built with power electric steering for easy maneuver and handling. These electric steering requires the use of steering fluid for the steering to retain it’s easy handling. To decide when to check the power steering fluid, we will advise you visit the vehicle manual. However, some say you can change the power steering fluid anytime your vehicle have covered a distance of 24,000 miles.

The owners manual will give you the directives as to how to change your power steering fluid. Here are the steps on how to change your power steering fluid.

  1. Lift your car

Using the lever in your car, lift the front side of your car and add support on both sides.

  1. Remove the old fluid

Open your bonnet and locate the power steering fluid reservoir. Remove the hoss that connects the reservoir to the power steering, the fluid in the reservoir will be complete drained.

  1. Reconnect the hoss

Reconnect the hoss that connects the power steering reservoir to the power steering properly and tighten the clamp.

  1. Open the cork of the power steering reservoir and pour in the power steering fluid to till it gets to the point indicated max.

  2. Cover the reservoir and clean up the surroundings, remove the lever and support you used to lift your car.

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