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What you should know before buying a Scooter Bike

If you’re someone looking to buy a scooter for the first time, the things below should be kept in mind.


A majority of the mass market scooters in India weighs between 97–121 kgs. Lightweight nature of the scooter attracts scores of buyer. Furthermore, lesser weight make its supremely agile in traffic!


Scooters aren’t touted as outright powerful in comparison to motorbikes. But hey! Bikes aren’t powerful either in 110/125cc category. But the real deal is weight. A 125cc scooter such as Yamaha Ray Zr 125 or Access 125 is quite powerful as they weigh 99kg and 104kg respectively. You can feel the surge of torque until 70–80km/h. So, don’t think scooters are underpowered by any means!


A majority of the scooters in India is shodded with 10/12 inch tyres. You gotta be extra careful with these puny tyres especially during sudden braking, steep curves and rain.


Scooters are made for the sole purpose of practicality. But not all scooters are practical enough. Some indicators of practicality are Underseat storage, footboard space, fuel tank size, fuel filler cap placement, glove box availability. This is where you compare and buy the one that has maximum space!


Today we have all the bells & whistles in scooter Market. Some company offers high tech instrumentation and LED set up.


Scooters aren’t particularly mileage friendly as some people think. You can except average to be 45-55 km/l. Honda CD 110 Dream, a entry level bike can give max average of 75km/l, Honda’s claim though!

Maintenance cost

Scooters are known for dirt cheap maintenance! Yep, in majority of the service you can get ur job done below Rs 800 (authorized service center cost) but local mechanic servicing would cost you 300 (their charge) + Rs 270 (Mobil) ~ Rs 570

Some don’ts after you buy scooter bike

Never ride in a harsh manner anywhere as scooters are slapped with puny tyres and brakes are generally lacklustre in scooter bike

Don’t let ur child stand in footboard when commuting

Never put materials in excess of 10 kg in the footboard

Never ride with 3 people

Don’t use ur scooter bike like a trash. Always maintain it with utmost care to extract max mileage and highest performance.

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