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Jaguar F-Space features and Specifications e

Jaguar F-Space features and specifications

With a bold new exterior, an all-new beautifully designed interior, a latest-generation Pivi Pro infotainment system and the choice of inline-four engines, the new Jaguar F-PACE is more luxurious , connected and efficient.

The new exterior design gives the award-winning F-PACE performance SUV a cleaner, more assertive presence, with a new sculpted hood with a wider power bulge and smoother, more precisely defined surfaces. The new hood also contributes to a more striking finish by reducing the number of closures at the front of the car.

An enlarged grille features ‘diamond’ details inspired by the Jaguar logo, while the side vents in the fenders now feature the iconic Leaper emblem, demonstrating the exceptional attention to detail throughout the vehicle. A new front bumper with redesigned air intakes and dark mesh details visually widen the new F-PACE for a more assured dynamic presence.

New ultra-thin quad LED headlamps with “Double J” Daytime Running Light Signatures (DRL), available with optional Pixel LED technology, deliver increased resolution and brightness. With the Adaptive Driving Beam capability, which assesses the road ahead and automatically adapts the high beams to mask oncoming traffic or traffic signs, the system can create different light beam patterns by selecting different LED segments for optimize visibility without distracting other drivers.

Premium LED technology is standard across the range and is available with automatic high beam assist on SE and HSE models. The technology uses the forward-facing camera to automatically switch between high beam and low beam, ensuring that oncoming drivers are not dazzled. Animated directional indicators are also available on all models when fitted as part of additional linked options and provide added sophistication.

At the rear, the new slim lights feature Jaguar’s dual chicane graphics – first seen on the fully electric I-PACE – to accentuate the vehicle’s width. The new bumper design and new sculpted tailgate also add visual drama and provide a more confident appearance.

In the targeted R-Dynamic specification, the new F-PACE features a series of distinct design elements for a more performance-oriented look, while all models are available with the additional black exterior package, which offers an even more appearance. more dynamic with bespoke elements finished in gloss black.

A brand new interior designed

The F-PACE has a whole new interior with increased luxury, improved connectivity and greater serenity and refinement. The new cockpit design is bolder, more dynamic and more driver-focused. A new sporty center console, with a faster profile, sweeps across the dashboard and incorporates a wireless charger and improved console storage.

At the heart of the new interior is a center-mounted 11.4-inch curved glass HD touchscreen perfectly integrated in a sleek magnesium-alloy housing, which controls the new Pivi Pro infotainment system. Authentic finishes, including open-pore wood veneers and aluminum, feature beautifully formed shapes such as the top door insert and full-width “Piano Cover” that is formed across the width of the dashboard . JaguarDrive Control’s laser-etched mid-speaker frets and metal rotary dial epitomize the attention to detail.

Julian Thomson, Jaguar Design Director, said:

The new F-PACE is dynamic and assertive with an elegant stance on the road – it represents a significant development of the Jaguar design language. The increased luxury and attention to detail inside the F-PACE with advanced technologies seamlessly integrated ensure the driver and passengers a real sense of occasion every time they step into the vehicle. .

The new ride selector – one of the many beautiful details – features an upper part finished with cricket-ball stitching, the lower part being precision metal for better tactility.

New door housings, featuring a new 360-degree grab handle, provide easier access and increased storage for beverage bottles and other items, while power window switches are moved down from the top of the door roller, putting them within easy reach of the occupants.

The new seats feature wider cushioning, new massage functions and improved coverage of heated and cooling areas. A stamped Jaguar Leaper is featured on all occupant headrests on select models, while a set of “Est.1935 Jaguar Coventry” upholstery labels showcase the brand’s heritage.

A series of advanced technologies ensure the health and well-being of all occupants. The ionization of the air in the cabin improves the quality of the indoor air thanks to the Nanoe technology, which eliminates allergens and unpleasant odors. The system now also includes PM2.5 filtration, which captures ultrafine particles – including PM2.5 particles – to improve occupant health and well-being. The customer activates the system simply by pressing the “Purify” button.

Power and performance

A new generation 147 kW 2.0-liter four-cylinder Ingenium diesel engine replaces the 132 kW * version, while a 184 kW 365 Nm four-cylinder 2.0-liter Ingenium gasoline engine completes the package. 0 to 100 km / h test in 7.3 seconds. Both engines are mated to Jaguar’s eight-speed automatic transmission, which can be controlled using the steering wheel paddle shifters for increased driver engagement.

All-wheel drive is included as standard and intelligent drivetrain dynamics deliver biased rear-wheel drive performance, with the ability to vary the torque of individual axles almost instantly depending on conditions.

The latest JaguarDrive Control includes Comfort, Eco, Rain-Wind-Snow and Dynamic modes, which can be manually selected by the driver depending on road conditions. The settings, selected via a new rotary dial next to the all-new drive selector, adapt the steering, transmission, throttle and (where applicable) adaptive dynamics settings of the F-PACE.

Automatic Vehicle Hold provides greater convenience and smoother operation than conventional Automatic Hill Hold. New technology holds the brakes for an unlimited time when stationary on a slope, gently releasing the brakes only when the driver presses the accelerator to set off.

Cutting-edge connected technologies

The new F-PACE features Jaguar’s advanced electronic vehicle architecture, dubbed EVA 2.0, which supports a range of new technologies to ensure the vehicle of the future is always connected and always up to date.

The latest Pivi Pro infotainment technology is accessible through the all-new 11.4-inch HD curved glass touchscreen. Key benefits include improved clarity, the screen is three times brighter and 48% larger than the previous 10-inch screen, and streamlined menu structures allow drivers to access or view up to 90 % of common tasks from home screen in two clicks or less.

To help drivers quickly access vital information, the new F-PACE also includes a new 12.3-inch HD interactive driving display with improved graphics and a configurable layout that can display full-screen navigation mapping with step-by-step instructions, digital dials, media, contact list or infotainment details. Coupled with the latest head-up display technology, the new F-PACE gives drivers all the information they need without distraction.

The new, intuitive infotainment system includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto as standard and allows customers to connect two phones simultaneously via Bluetooth. Wireless device charging with telephone booster allows occupants to quickly charge their smartphone. The system also provides clearer calls with the help of an external antenna.

To enable instant start-up, Pivi Pro has a dedicated power source, so it’s ready to go as soon as customers get behind the wheel.

The collection of new convenience technologies includes Software-Over-The-Air (SOTA), which ensures that the performance SUV is always using the latest software. The technology means owners don’t have to visit retailers to receive vehicle software updates.

Pivi Pro connectivity is provided by the latest dual-sim technology integrated with two LTE modems allowing the system to perform multiple functions at the same time, such as media streaming and downloading SOTA updates, without compromising performance. State-of-the-art connectivity also ensures minimal interruptions caused by coverage black spots as it travels through network providers for the strongest signal.

The segment’s first Active Road Noise Cancellation technology continuously monitors road surface vibrations and calculates the opposite phase sound wave needed to eliminate noise heard by occupants. This means quieter noise levels in the cabin for greater refinement and reduced fatigue, typically associated with prolonged exposure to low frequency noise. Cabin occupancy is monitored, with the system constantly optimizing performance to deliver the best possible experience for everyone. The lightweight technology ensures that the vehicle’s weight and handling characteristics are not affected. Engine noise cancellation isolates the cabin from unwanted engine noise to further enhance the feeling of quiet.

For added convenience, the second generation portable activity key can be used to lock, unlock and start the vehicle without the need for the conventional key fob to be present in the vehicle. The rechargeable device has a built-in watch and has a battery life of seven days between charges.

The new F-PACE also benefits from the latest generation of driver assistance technology. This includes Clear Exit Monitor, which alerts front and rear occupants to the presence of an approaching car or cyclist to exit the vehicle. Adaptive Cruise Control automatically maintains a set distance from the vehicle in front.

Jaguar’s latest 3D surround camera technology offers advanced 3D features using the latest camera technology to provide greater detail and a choice of real-time viewing while maneuvering the vehicle. Parameter selection includes Junction view, 3D perspective view, and ClearSight plan view.

Jaguar’s commitment to creating strong, lightweight vehicles continues with the new 

F-PACE. The aluminum-intensive architecture uses recycled aluminum from closed-loop manufacturing for greater durability and is an important contribution to Jaguar’s journey to the zero destination, a world without emissions, accidents and without congestion.

Customers can choose from S, SE R-DYNAMIC and HSE R-DYNAMIC trim levels, all available in the R-Dynamic specification. The black exterior package is also available as an option on all models.

The new Jaguar F-PACE is expected to launch in early 2021 and pricing will be announced closer to the time.

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