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What are some things cyclists can do to make themselves safer on the road

There are a few things that can make a difference while cycling and also save life and ensure safety of cyclists. 

1 NEVER wear headphones. Ever. The risk of not hearing isn’t worth it. I’ve been saved several times by hearing what was going on around me.

2 Don’t ride on the sidewalk, or even worse go from the road to sidewalk and back. You’re not a pedestrian which leads to…

3 Behave like you’re a motorcycle. I say motorcycle vs car because you don’t have the protection of a car. You’re even less visible than a motorcycle but take a lesson from them and ride as though no one sees you. But, always behave like you belong on the road. Use the correct lanes to turn, be predictable. But…

4 Remember you’re on a bicycle. And motorist get pissed when they think you’re holding them up. Always yield to them even if you don’t have to. Be out of they’re way as much as possible. But…

5 If theres not enough room for a car to pass you safely (more then 3 feet from you) take the lane, i.e. ride in the center until there is a safe place to pass. However don’t back up traffic for miles. Remember road rage happens and its lethal to cyclist.

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