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What Are the Symptoms of a missing Catalyst?

Check Engine Light is on. This is not in most cases though, because I have got clients who said theirs didn’t actually show it.

Lack of power from the engine. Most of you would agree that you can drive your car without a catalyst but climbing a hilly surface at times can be a struggle. This is partly attributed to the missing catalyst.

Decreased fuel economy. You would also witness a decrease in fuel economy. Your car uses more fuel than before because the missing catalyst has distorted the air fuel balance and that makes the sensor send an error code. If you don’t fix that, you would likely be using more fuel than before.

Another thing is that you would agree that the sound of your car would be different when there isn’t a catalyst than when there was. And without a catalyst, the Sound isn’t pleasant. This is because your catalyst doubles also as a Noise Muffler too

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