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Step By Step tips to effectively Clean Car interior

Once all the tools have been organized, the interior of the car can be cleaned. Where to start? Find out easily by following all the salient steps step by step.

1 The first step is certainly to start vacuuming all the dirt inside the passenger compartment. Thanks to the vacuum cleaner it is possible, in a few minutes, to remove the bulk of the dirt and dust. Make sure you also vacuum the floor mats , which you will later remove from the cabin. In order to reach a difficult spot such as under the seats, it will be necessary to move the seats forward and then fold them.

2 The most difficult points to be reached as the sides of the handbrake or guides can be cleaned with the help of the hard-bristle brush . You can then proceed by “brushing” these points and subsequently vacuuming the dirt. Once the dirt has been removed, the dashboard can be wiped with an antistatic cloth . To then get a shiny dashboard, just use a simple spray polish that will be sprayed directly on the surface.

3 Once you have removed all the dirt and dust from the bottom of the car, you can turn your attention to cleaning and washing the upholstery . It will therefore be necessary to spray the special detergent on the surfaces to be treated and then wipe with a damp cloth. If the upholstery presents stains that are difficult to remove, it will be necessary to intervene with a specific product that will be left to act for a few minutes and remove the product with a damp cloth.

4 The mats are certainly the accessory most prone to dirt. To clean them thoroughly, you must first treat them with a vacuum cleaner . Then they will be moistened with a spray product and scrubbed with a brush equipped with hard bristles . Finally, the mats should be rinsed and left to dry completely to  prevent mold growth .

5. For a thorough cleaning of carpets and seats, just sprinkle them with baking soda. It will then be left to act for about 30 minutes and then removed with a vacuum cleaner

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