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Essential tools for Cleaning Car Interior

Very often we dedicate more attention and consistency to the care and cleaning of a car body . This is because the exterior appearance of the car is thought of as an important business card. Unfortunately this can overshadow the importance of cleaning the  interior of the car , which instead needs the same attention. In fact, keeping the passenger compartment sanitized and tidy is essential to be able to travel in a healthy environment. At least once a month it would therefore be advisable to dedicate yourself to cleaning the interior of the car thoroughly. With somesmall measure, it is possible to obtain excellent results, eliminate bad smells and make the interior of the car sanitized .

Before starting to clean the passenger compartment of the car, it is important to take a few minutes to remove the most bulky waste and accessories . Then manually eliminate litter, old parking tickets, stones, leaves and everything that can be reached without the help of a vacuum cleaner. The same goes for accessories such as sunglasses, USB sticks and chargers. At this point it is possible to move on to the actual cleaning of the passenger compartment. It will therefore be essential to equip yourself with the basic tools to be able to remove all the dirt present inside the car.

1. Vacuum Cleaner

The must have par excellence is the vacuum cleaner , an essential accessory to be able to eliminate the most superficial dirt in a few minutes.

2. Bristle Brush

The hard bristle brush , ideal for reaching a difficult point such as the “guides”. The brush allows the removal of crumbs and smaller debris, which can thus be removed simply by vacuuming.

3. Spray Cleaner 

An effective general purpose spray cleaner for cleaning both floor mats and upholstery inside the car. For leather seats, which are therefore more delicate and precious, it is recommended to opt for a specific detergent .

4. Anti static Cloth

The antistatic cloth and the spray polish are essential allies for obtaining a perfectly clean dashboard, free from the annoying presence of dust and above all shiny.

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