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Porsche is testing the all-electric Macan near the Arctic Circle

Porsche has renewed for the second time the Macan , which has been on the market since the spring of 2014, with the German company announcing that it is also developing the purely electric version of the model. It will be presented in 2023, and for some time the petrol and electric version of the small SUV of the German company will coexist in its range.

This means that from 2024 onwards, the Macan will be offered exclusively as an electric, with the model based on the PPE platform jointly developed by Porsche and Audi, with the platform supporting both rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive implementations, with one engine per axle.

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Porsche has been testing the development of its new model for at least a year, with the German company announcing that the purely electric Macan will offer “significantly” more autonomy than the Taycan , without announcing the exact number. What is certain is that the autonomy of the electric Macan will exceed 450 kilometers.

The most powerful version will be called the Macan Turbo S and will carry two electric motors, one per axle, which will produce 700 horsepower with 1,016 Nm of torque. Like the Taycan, the Macan will have a Turbo version. The Macan will follow Taycan standards, with 800 Volt technology, with the PPE platform enabling Porsche to make the new Macan more aerodynamic.

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The battery will weigh close to 600 kg, will be located on the floor of the car and will be able to charge with a 270 kW quick charger.

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