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Int’l airfares to drop, as Brirish Airways opens low inventory


Prospective international travellers embarking will now be able to access cheaper flights tickets in the coming days.

This development follows the opening of low fare inventories by the British for travellers from Nigeria to foreign countries.

Meanwhile,Virgin Atlantic, British Airways, Delta Airlines, amongst others, had directed passengers, travel agents to their portal where payments are done in dollars or pounds.

Against the development, the speaker, house of representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila, in meeting with stakeholders, foreign airlines, others last Monday, said: “In the meantime, we have to look for solutions. I’m also going to plead with foreign airlines to show some good faith. And what’s that good faith or how do you show that good faith?

“To open up your portals or whatever it is for business to continue as usual so that Nigerians can purchase your tickets so that the travel agents can work while this is going on.”

However, in a statement made available to Business A.M by the National Association of Nigeria Travel Agencies, NANTA, it reads: “British Airways has responded to NANTA, so let’s begin to sell the cheaper fares to our customers.
“We support airlines that value our business relationship.”

It would be recalled that the foreign airlines move was in response to their difficulties in the repatriation of over $464 million trapped in the country, increased their airfares.

A reflection of the development according to stakeholders, showed that Nigerians now buy tickets to the tune of three to four million naira and be charged as high as one million naira to change travel dates even on tickets bought before this issues began.

This outrageous charges according to many travellers is a complete rip-off to many who may not be able to afford it, describing such as unnecessary.

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