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Importance of undamaged windscreen

If the windshield of your car is damaged, it is best to replace it quickly as in some cases it can lead to accidents, fines and high repair costs.

Windshields are almost impossible to break today. Just ask Canadian pop punk Avril Lavigne, who tries to hit a windshield out of a car with one guitar in one of her video clips. She can’t get much more than a few bumps.

This of course has everything to do with safety. In addition to the fact that windshields, like all car windows, are hardened, so that no sharp splinters come off, they are now also layered: there is a thin plastic layer incorporated in the windshield that not only ensures that it remains intact in accidents, but also that it remains transparent to the utmost. However, this doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay attention to the thing anymore. On the contrary, good handling of the windshield can in some cases prevent accidents, fines and high repair costs.

A flawless windshield is firstly a must because of the visibility. Ninety percent of the decisions we make on the road are made based on our vision, and we mainly focus on what lies ahead. So do not only check the car for problems with mirrors or cameras, but also thoroughly check the large piece of glass for you. Important are good wipers that do not squeak, falter or leave stripes and scratches. The windscreen must also let in sufficient light, because light is visibility. The fashionable dark-colored foil may not be such a good idea either, as there is a chance that it will block out too much light, which can be dangerous and possibly incur a fine.

However, there are more hooks and eyes on windshields that are damaged.

The safety of your four-wheeler can also be affected. Car windows are part of the body and certain defects in them can also affect the function of airbags. Whether it is an asterisk, scratch or crack, the motto is and continues to repair the car window quickly. After all, those who act early often only have to pay for a small intervention, while with a long wait there is a risk that, due to sudden temperature changes and other factors, the problem will become bigger. And then you pay the full pound.

A flawless windshield is therefore crucial, not only because of the visibility, but also because you could be fined for it, postponing repairs can cost a lot and because certain damages the structural integrity of the car and the functioning of the car. can negatively affect the car. 

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