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How to maintain wind shield

The windshield is a major component of visibility  in the car. Here are our tips for maintaining it well.

Regularly clean the windshield

A windshield is cleaned regularly. The visibility of the driver, but also of any passengers, must be optimal in all situations. And whatever the weather. Of course, you have to make sure you always have washer fluid available to clean the windshield if necessary. But you also have to clean the windshield regularly, inside and out. Use a specific sponge and suitable products for this. Some will be essential if stains or residue persist on the glass. Wipes, treatments, sprays and other products allow efficient maintenance of your windows.

Remember to change the wiper blades

Windshield maintenance also involves the wiper blades. Do not wait until they are unusable to replace them. Check the condition of your equipment regularly to avoid any unpleasant surprises. The wiper blades are replaced at least once a year, especially at the end of the winter period. The use of the car and the frequency of bad weather can damage the wipers. If they start to leave marks or make noise in motion, they should be replaced.

Repair the windshield when necessary

The windshield can be put to the test: impact of stones, thermal shock… In the event of an impact, do not wait and go to an approved center to  repair your windshield . However, this must not exceed the size of a two euro coin

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