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How to Change your windshield at home

It is possible to change your windshield yourself. But this operation is very delicate and you must pay particular attention to it. The mechanics have specific tools allowing a perfect installation of the windscreen (in particular the suction cups and the straps) and a particular know-how which is acquired after years of experience.

This therefore forces you to buy a kit of tools specific to the installation of a windshield and to watch tutorials on the internet. Keep in mind that this does not guarantee you a flawless result.

Despite what we are going to describe to you here, we therefore advise you to have your windshield changed by your mechanic or by a specialized company.

Steps to change your windshield:

1 Choose the windshield corresponding to your vehicle

2 Protect your body and the interior of your car

3 Cut or remove the glue joint that fixes the windshield

4 Carefully remove your windshield

5 Apply a coat of primer to the windshield frame. Let the primer dry.

6 Apply a bead of specific glue for windshields

7 Install your windshield

8 Then let the glue dry for a minimum of 60 minutes before you can get back on the road.

You will now be able to identify cases where you will need to repair or completely change your windshield. If you notice the presence of an impact on your vehicle or any questions concerning the broken glass, do not hesitate to make an appointment in one of our workshops by clicking on the button below “Make an appointment ”.

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