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Changan 9 Bus tackles competition in Nigeria’s commercial segment 

Fortified with safety attributes, body strength, fuel efficiency and powerful engine, Changan Star 9 Bus is set to alter existing status quo in Nigeria’s competitive mini bus segment. 

Positioned to be a game changer by Zahav Automobile Co., Nigeria’s official representative of Changan automobile brand under Stallion Motors franchisee, the bus is powered by the highly reliable 1.5L I4, MPI gasoline, 14G15S engine mated to a traditional 5-speed manual gearbox.  

Business AM checks reveals that the engine produces a maximum output of 82 kW at 6000 rpm and maximum torque of 130 Nm at 5000 rpm. “Therefore, in addition to excellent power performance, it combines reliability and efficiency into one clever package.  

Star 9 comes with two-colour central control panel, which gives occupants a comfortable visual experience. It is also equipped with front row electric window, classic round knob air conditioner adjustment, storage compartments, lockers, and two user-friendly cup holders, among others. 

Aside from being powered by a highly reliable and efficient 1.5L I4, MPI gasoline, 14G15S engine, the Star 9 parades a strong body and ruggedness combined with affordability, all of which make it the best choice for the nation’s small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and logistic concerns.   

Also, the said qualities position the bus as an excellent alternative for the nation’s commercial transporters, especially those who had over the years invested their hard earned money on unsafe buses amateurishly knitted together by the unlicensed ghost auto assemblers.

On the road, Star 9’s mid-mounted rear -drive results in a flexible and minimum turning radius. That added to its electronic assist system, the Changan Star 9 is fun to drive. 

In the process of making the Star 9 mini bus, Changan took the body through integrated stamping technology (a process of making sheets or plates of different thicknesses into the desired shape by mechanical stamping or ramming and does not change the thickness of the original material during the manufacturing process). As a result, the mini bus comes with an improved steel formality and body strength.  

With a dimension of is 4430 mm long, 1655 mm wide with a height of 1935 mm, Star 9 rolls out with a body held in place by panels made with integral stamping technology, which means an improved torsion resistance.  Practically, when driving, you can clearly feel a sense of heaviness from the inside out.  

Named according to seating capacity available for sale in Nigeria, Changan Star 9 is by no means ‘mini’ inside. Rather, it is magically spacious, with versatile sitting formations.  

A spacious multiple-seater and not only roomier than its peers; it offers multiple seating arrangements for 2, 5, 7, 9, 11 passengers, thereby maximizing space efficiency. 

For instance, its middle row of seats, which comes with simple adjuster, can be completely flattened while the rear seats also come with flexible and simple adjuster, thereby making it easy to adjust the load space according to the needs of passenger or load. 

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