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Stallion’s new Hyundai Santa Fe packs a punch

Nigeria is home to luxury cars of all shapes and designs of vehicles that offers sheer driving pleasure. And in every home of the upwardly mobile in the country, one will readily find one luxury Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), and among the automotive nameplates competing among its rivals is the Hyundai brands.

Here, we are taking a look at the newly introduced Hyundai Santa Fe SUV under the Stalliion’ franchisee in Nigeria.

Every new detail in the new Santa Fe, both visible and hidden, is geared towards one goal: family.

Rediscovering families happiness with upscale designs that brighten up daily routines, interior spaces big enough to accommodate all types of lifestyles and advanced technology that keeps everyone safe at all times, and when customers stays focused on their family’s happiness. Santa Fe will do the rest.

In terms of space, a wide choice of seat variations and convenient features will accommodate everyone, everywhere. A simple button is all it takes to fold and slide the second row seats forward for easier access to the third row seats. When both hands are full, thoughtful details like the Smart Tailgate will take a load off your shoulders.

While seated and ready to cruise,  simply turn knob to select the mode that suits you best: COMFORT for everyday driving, ECO for optimal fuel efficiency, SPORT for quicker acceleration, or SMART which automatically adjusts gear shift intervals based on recent driving patterns.

Hyundai SmartSense; SantaFe’s Advanced Driver Assistance System considers the various conditions a driver might unexpectedly face on the journey

A new, next-generation platform has been applied to the Santa Fe, maximizing vehicle stability on top of larger interior space. The new platform also brings with it significant improvements in collision safety, thanks to the increased usage of Advanced High-Strength Steel and hot stamping.

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