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BMW presents an X5 that can withstand AK-47 bullets

BMW has given a sneak peek at its X5 Protection VR6, an armored X5. Made by BMW’s secretive Protection Vehicle division, the X5 Protection VR6 packs a host of security features multi-layer safety glass, armoured passenger compartment, post-blast protection, leak-resistant fuel tank, and run-flat tires.

All of these make the vehicle capable of withstanding attack from automatic weapons like the AK-47, BMW said. Cameras of Secrets of the Supercars on British TV Shows will be the first to enter the doors of the Protection Vehicle division. The TV show takes its viewers behind the scenes of the manufacturing and testing of various vehicles being developed.

And so it will go to the BMW Protection facility in Munich, Germany, to see how the company designs and builds a car that can withstand sustained enemy attack while keeping occupants safe. BMW will test the X5 on track and at the shooting range, which will provide viewers with unique insight into how it “achieves its industry-leading safety certification.”

The X5 Protection VR6 shields occupants with approximately 30mm-thick multi-layer safety glass, which features an internal polycarbonate splinter protection layer to prevent bullets from penetrating. The cabin is shielded in 4mm-thick steel.

With post-blast protection, the armoured glass will remain in its frame even if the vehicle withstands an explosion. The fuel tank is resistant to leaks, and the tyres can still roll even if they are flat, which will help in escaping attacks. 

This unique X5 can safeguard against attacks from short-range and long-range weapons, and is far from the normal X5 in terms of appearance and driving dynamics.

X5 Protection is powered by a V8 engine with 530hp, and is underpinned by M suspension to cope with the extra weight from the entire armoury. Another standard security feature is the outside intercom system. 

Using a microphone, this enables the occupants to interact with people outside the car without needing to roll down a window. Meanwhile, blue LED flashing lights around the car, and a flag holder at the front can be optioned. These are probably intended for world leaders who may need a car that offers such security.

 Pat Jakpa

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