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Air Bag: How it works

Airbag is a safety device consisting of a large cloth bag inflating with air and protecting the head and upper parts of the body in the event of a collision

Another term used in place of the air sac is the SRS supplemental inflatable restraint system, and the supplemental inflatable restraint system (SIR) is also used as an expression of the air sacs (airbags).

In several types of ligament:

  1. In Dirkson

  2. Drum on the right of the driver

  3. The four aspects of Arabic

Usually made of rubber, nylon or polyester.

How Air Bag Works

The starting of the air bag depends on orders that come from electronic and electrical collision sensors. The principle of the work of the collision sensors depends on noticing the slow or sudden stopping resulting from the collision.

When the collision occurs, the sensors issue specific instructions to an electronic device whose mission is to connect the electric current to a heating device that heats the detonating wire It is placed in a metal box containing granules of sodium acid.

The wire processes the heating of sodium granules, which, as a result of their chemical properties, creates nitrogen gas in a very large amount and pushes the produced gas into the bag that goes away, steering wheel cover or tablo to the top, all of this occurs during the first 20 to 35 Milliseconds after the collision, sometimes when an accident occurs while driving at a speed exceeding 320 km / h, sudden bursting of the air bag may cause it to leave its box completely, while part of it remains held inside the case in cases of accidents that happen at normal speeds.

Shortly after the airbag opens, the nitrogen storage comes out through small holes behind the bag, allowing the bag to shrink within seconds, and a powder or corn powder is usually placed around the bag while it is folded into its room so it doesn’t stick to each other.

During the opening of the bag, simple smoke is released due to the formation of nitrogen gas. The smoke formed in addition to the powder forms a thin white film on the car’s brushes, which is cleanable.

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