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France installs 30,000 charging stations for electric cars

Good news for drivers of electric cars . In mainland France, the number of charging stations available now stands at nearly 30,000 (29,854 precisely), as Avere (the National Association for the Development of Electric Mobility) has communicated. In one year, the number of recharging points has increased by + 12.7%.

Henceforth, there is therefore 1 terminal for 8 electric vehicles in circulation, or 1 terminal for 11 vehicles if we include hybrid vehicles . L’Avere notes, however, that with the health crisis, facilities have been significantly slowed down.

Since 1st March 2020, the number of charging points installed has indeed increased by only 1%, “but the plan to support the automotive announced by the government in late May gives pride to the installation of new recharging infrastructures ” , Avere said.

Some regions have stood out for their dynamism on the issue. This is particularly the case in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, where installations have increased by + 14% in one year. In terms of departments, the Lot is the best covered with 156 recharging points per 100,000 inhabitants, followed by the Hautes-Alpes (144 recharging points) and the Lozère (123).

Conversely, Haute-Loire and Seine-Saint-Denis are the least well equipped, with less than 10 charging points per 100,000 inhabitants.

Between January and May 2020, 33,547 light electric vehicles were sold in France. This represents an increase of 69% compared to the same period in 2019. The region with the most registrations is Ile-de-France, with 6,421 electric vehicles put on the road.

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