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Electric scooters: another share of sustainable mobility

Electric scooters are an unstoppable trend in mobility because they combine the efficiency of electric motors and the greater capacity of batteries, with the need of users to travel short routes, for example, between public transport and the final destination.

They work through a cell phone application that allows you to recharge money and then unlock the skateboard by reading a QR code. “This is a recent phenomenon in cities around the world and now we can see it in Colombia, in cities like Bogotá, Medellín and Cali,” explains Jorge Ignacio Areiza, who is participating in a Ruta N project on electric mobility as a public service.

He adds that this means of transport is agile, has low cost and takes up little space, but it also has disadvantages: the lack of infrastructure for this type of vehicle (which is why they travel on the sidewalk) and the possibility of generating road accidents or incidents. with pedestrians; the lack of expertise of the drivers and the lack of regulation, especially regarding parking and circulation places.

“The phenomenon of skateboards belongs to a much larger one, which is that of electric mobility , which has the purpose of solving the problem of pollution from the use of fossil fuels. It is still pending regulation by the Ministry of Transport, but in general it can be said that it is quite positive for the cities ”, concludes Areiza. 

Recommendations for the use of electric skateboards

•   You should not exceed 20 km when mobilizing in this type of system.

• Avoid parking on the sidewalks. You must do it in places where you do not obstruct the passage of pedestrians, people with reduced mobility or vision problems. 

• Keep in mind that this means of transport cannot be used outside the cities (on roads or highways, for example).

• Do not drive your skateboard under the influence of alcoholic beverages, narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances.

• Wear a helmet and goggles.

• Avoid wearing headphones.

• Pay attention to the movement of pedestrians , especially when sidewalks and bike paths have shared spaces. 

• Control speed at junctions to avoid losing vehicle maneuverability.

• Avoid the holes or potholes in the streets.

• Be cautious on descents because skateboard braking systems are not as efficient as those on other types of vehicles.

• Remember that this medium should only be driven by one person at a time. You must not bring children or pets as co-pilots.

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