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Why you should avoid rethreaded tyres

Retreaded tires appear to be an economical solution, but this is their only advantage. In terms of safety, they don’t live up to the demands of the modern automobile.

Retreading consists in making a new tire using a worn tire structure on which a new tread is glued. Only here, the carcass used has necessarily a lived, potentially punctuated by shocks. Not to mention that the profile and the rubber do not generally benefit from specific technical developments. Therefore, safety and longevity will not necessarily be there.

During the 80s, retreaded tires were much more present in the trade than today. They offered an undeniable economic advantage. Since then, the tire sector has evolved considerably, with in particular third-line manufacturers who have flooded the market for low-cost tires, whose tests carried out by specialized organizations regularly highlight the poor performance under braking and / or wet .

You will understand, Caradisiac is not really in favor of saving candle ends on the issue of tires. We indeed believe that the choice of products signed by reputable houses (not necessarily premiums), allows you to drive more safely – yours and that of others – and that it deserves some financial efforts.

However, it should be noted that in the truck tire segment, retreading is still widely used. The sector is structured accordingly and the manufacturers propose specific offers allowing in particular to have a follow-up of the carcasses.

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