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Road Safety tips everybody should know

Every day, thousands of motorists meet and meet on the road whether it is to go to work or to activities. With so much traffic on our road network with intercity transportation, cars and school buses, it goes without saying that collisions and accidents are unfortunately part of everyday life.

And as your family, friends or loved ones circulate on these same roads every day, we have put together a small list of road safety tips to minimize the risk of accident while traveling thanks to our long expertise on the roads. .

 1. Always hit the road in top shape

As we all know, a bad night’s sleep, a migraine or a cold can make us more distracted and less alert. By taking the road always at the best of its form, we make sure to have sharp reflexes and an eye very attentive to what is happening in front of us.

2. Take the Time

Stress, racing against the clock and busy schedules greatly affect our patience and road safety: exceeding speed limits, incomplete stops, less vigilance. By taking the time to get around, by choosing to be late or even by planning a longer time for our trips, we give ourselves the means to reduce the risk of accident for those with whom we share the route: motorists, pedestrians, school bus, intercity transportation, etc. 

3. Take Public Transit in Bad Weather

As we all know, public transit is a safe way to travel. But, when the weather is bad and you don’t feel comfortable hitting the road, this is all the more reason to trust experienced intercity transportation. Both passenger and school bus drivers are trained for harsh conditions and high-quality bus fleets ensure safe travel during stormy weather.

4. Keep your vehicle always in good condition

This advice comes directly from our long experience as a transporter since with us it has become a rule. Each day, before going to meet you, our school bus and intercity bus drivers inspect their bus: tires, mechanics, mirrors, etc. We therefore advise you to do the same with your cars

Finally, the biggest advice we could give you is to stay on the lookout for road signs and respect them for better road safety. It will guide you on certain risks and dangers of the road along your way. For your family and friends who love you so much, be careful on the road

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