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Why luxury cars have big engine

Most luxury cars come both big engines. Sometimes you might wonder why they must have big engines. Well, today, wheelsexpressnews will highlight on the reasons why luxury cars have big engines

With luxury comes a superior ride quality

usually cars with smaller engines ride more roughly because they are being pushed harder than cars with an 8 cylinder engine. The more stress on the engine, the rougher the ride and the louder it is too.

More power = easier to drive

having power allows you to flow better through traffic because you can climb uphill at an easier rate, you can freely pass slower vehicles when needed without much effort, and you can also do this in a very smooth way.

Luxury means “more than needed

this means that sure, in the USA you really only need a car that can go up to 90 MPH to drive anywhere, but having a car that can do 180 MPH is better because you can accelerate at a faster rate and the car is always comfortable no matter how fast you are going on any public road. A car that tops out at 90 will struggle on freeways even with 65 MPH speed limits (common in California). A luxury car like an S63 AMG Mercedes will do just fine because it has a higher top speed.

Luxury cars also tend to be larger and heavier thus need for more horsepower and torque. Carrying all sorts of amenities and extra systems (all electrically operated seats with 8 different ways of adjustment for example). One important part of being a luxury car is silence for passengers or disconnection from outside world. Sound deading is a very heavy stuff, also some manufacturers offer double layered glass for windows. Glass roof weights more than just sheet metal.

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