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What is Xenon Lightning

The xenon lamp is a gas discharge lamp that produces a lot more light and also a much wider range. There are also 2 types of xenon lamps.

The xenon lamp, also called gas discharge lamp, has a light output that is 3 times as great as that of a halogen lamp and an average lifespan of 2000 burning hours. As a result, these lamps also need a much lower wattage to give good light. To indicate the difference in the light output, an H4 lamp shines 160 to 180 meters in front of the car and a xenon lamp 220 to 240 meters away. The transition from light to dark is also less because the light gradually decreases. Because the lamps are so bright compared to an H4 lamp, there must be an automatic headlight height adjustment if this is a factory option. A xenon bulb does not have a filament like a halogen bulb. the lamp consists of a glass bulb containing rare gas and xenon gas (metal halides). To the left and right of the sphere are the electrodes that create an arc. The arc also only ignites at a voltage of 28KV and to maintain the arc an AC voltage of about 120V with a frequency of 300Hz is required. The electronics that provide this are in a control unit of the xenon lamp.

In order to avoid major problems, the control unit will disconnect the power if there is a fault. This is to prevent, for example, a spark from hitting the frame.

There are 2 options for obtaining high and low beam: separate units or 1 lamp that is both used by means of a cover plate that can slide.

There are 2 types of xenon bulbs: D1 and D2. The difference is in the way of connecting. At D1, the high voltage cable is connected with a solder joint. and at D2 it is connected with a plug on the control unit.

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