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Tesla soon to be an energy supplier in Germany

Tesla is not only interested in electric mobility. The Californian brand plans to go further in terms of renewable energy and also wants to become an electricity supplier, in its own way, however.

By entering the electric vehicle segment, Tesla quickly stood out from the crowd by shaking up the automotive world. But the firm has also revolutionized electric mobility by developing its own network of Supercharger. From now on, Palo Alto is interested in the supply of electrical energy, but not without reinventing the already known systems.

Tesla has made Germany its first market to embark on the adventure. Still at the development stage of its new activity, the Californian group therefore sent a questionnaire to a handful of individuals in order to assess the needs in this area, to find out the criteria that would make them change electricity supplier, but also what products in the brand’s catalog would be of interest to them.

Because in addition to its cars, the Californian brand offers many electrical installations dedicated to the home. Tesla even mentions an energy pack that would include solar panels, energy storage solutions with Powerwalls and an AC charger, which would be associated here with a green electricity contract.

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