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Suzuki by CFAO offers practical solutions as petrol prices surge

With many Nigerian car owners with limited disposable income and corporates with depleted fleets feeling the financial strain, the search for vehicles that strikes a balance between budget-friendliness with long-term returns on investment has become more critical than ever.

Among the various automotive brands, the local dealership says Suzuki stands out as a name synonymous with quality, dependable after-sales support and industry leading fuel efficiency.

This reputation is grounded in practical engineering choices in which Suzuki’s engines incorporate low-friction oils, advanced thermal efficiency, and a higher compression ratio, resulting to industry-leading fuel efficiency.

However, it is essential to acknowledge that individual preferences and specific models may infuence one’s preference for Suzuki vehicles. Yet, a few key factors historically distinguish Suzuk

Affordability: Suzuki is known for producing vehicles that offer excellent value for money, catering to discerning budget-conscious consumers seeking reliable transportation without straining their finances.

Reliability and durability: Suzuki cars are generally perceived as dependable and robust, requiring minimal maintenance when properly serviced as and when due.

This quality is particularly appealing to those in search of a long-lasting vehicle that will take them to everywhere.

Fuel efficiency: Suzuki models are renowned for their impressive fuel efficiency, thereby making any of the models as an attractive option for drivers looking to save on fuel costs while reducing their environmental footprint.

On the average, Suzuki models achieve an impressive fuel consumption rate of 22 kilometers per liter, with tank capacities ranging from 28 to 45 litres.

Over the past decade, Suzuki’s continuous enhancements to their K-Series engines have boosted fuel efficiency by nearly 30 percent. This demonstrates the brand’s commitment to adapt and innovate in response to evolving economic and environmental challenges.

Suzuki by CFAO provides a diverse range of 13 models, all delivering reliability and cost-effectiveness. Beyond fuel efficiency, these vehicles offer easy maintenance and quality spare parts at competitive prices, staying true to the legendary Japanese commitment to quality.

Among the notable models, the 2023 Grand Vitara 1.6-liter compact SUV has garnered attention. Notably, an independent experiment was conducted by one of the leading insurance companies called ETAP, to assess the fuel effciency of this model.

In this experiment, four individuals embarked on a trip from Lagos to Ibadan and back, using only an estimated quarter tank of fuel. This experiment was thoroughly documented in a video available on the company’s official social media channels.

The compact Suzuki Swift boasts exceptional fuel efficiency at 20.41 kilometers per liter, making it a top contender for those prioritizing economical fuel consumption.

The family car model, Ertiga offers a seamless blend of performance and fuel efficiency, providing a smooth, responsive, and efficient drive.

The addition of the EECO mini delivery van and 7-seater commercial passenger bus to Suzuki’s line-up further emphasizes the brand’s commitment to performance and fuel efficiency.

According to Aissatou Diouf, general manager of Suzuki by CFAO, the brand has carved aniche in the minds of Nigerian car buyers due to its reliability, value for money, solid after-sales support, and access to quality spare parts.

The general manager noted that at a time of economic prudence, Suzuki by CFAO remains a pragmatic choice for those seeking cost-effective ownership solutions without compromising on quality and dependability.


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