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Suzuki By CFAO, Cars45/Jiji enters into disruptive online marketing partnership

L-R: Maxim Makarchuk, COO, Cars 45 and Aissatou Diouf, general manager of Suzuki By CFAO after the duo signed the partnership MoU on Wednesday, July 12, 2023 in Lagos.


Suzuki by CFAO have entered into a cutting-edge and strategic partnership with Cars45 and Jiji, leaders in the Nigerian automotive and e-commerce marketplace.

The collaboration aims to transform the car buying and selling experience for Nigerian consumers, offering them exceptional convenience and access to a wider range of top-quality vehicles.

Under this marriage of convenience,.CFAO Suzuki gains the exclusive opportunity to advertise their exquisite range of cars on the Jiji platform, as part of this strategic alliance.

On the other hand, Cars45 wide network of Retail Centres across Nigeria will now serve as authorised inspection and verification hubs for Suzuki used cars, ensuring buyers have complete peace of mind.

Inspected and verified Suzuki used cars will be prominently showcased on the Cars45 platform, creating an unmatched marketplace for many car enthusiasts.

Reacting on the development, Maxim Makarchuk, chief operating officer of Cars45, expressed his excitement about the partnership.

According to him, “We are elated to join forces with CFAO Suzuki to provide Nigerian car users with unprecedented opportunities and choices. Our mission is to change the way Nigerians buy cars. We constantly strive to provide exceptional customer service, transparency, reliability, fair pricing, and convenience, ensuring that our customers have access to the best available options. This partnership with CFAO Suzuki is a natural progression in our journey to offer unique opportunities and choices to Nigerian car users”.

On her part, Aissatou Diouf, general manager, Suzuki By CFAO said, ” We’re entering into this partnership with Cars45 and Jiji to offer prospective car buyers in Nigeria a full range of Suzuki models at affordable prices. In 2022 alone, we made a big break with a record sales of over 3000 vehicles. This achievement placed our dealership among the top automotive marketing outlets in the local market. We are very optimistic that with our new partnership with Cars45 and Jiji, coupled with the excellent product quality from Suzuki, our sales figure will increase exponentially in the months and years to come.”

This bold alliance comes on the heels of Cars45 and Jiji recent partnership with GAC Motor, which has already garnered significant attention and propelled both companies to the forefront of the industry. These strategic collaborations are a testament to the visionary approach and continuous efforts of Cars45 and Jiji to drive the Nigerian automotive market forward.

The impact of this partnership extends beyond individual companies, as it holds tremendous benefits for car users, the Nigerian automotive industry, and involved parties.

Nigerian car users can now explore an extensive selection of high-quality Suzuki vehicles on Jiji, while also having the convenience of inspecting and verifying their purchases at any Cars45 Retail Centre across the nation.

This seamless integration enhances consumer trust and confidence in the marketplace, ultimately raising industry standards and facilitating safer transactions.

The Nigerian automotive industry as a whole stands to gain from this collaboration. By leveraging the combined expertise, technology and resources of Cars45, Jiji and CFAO Suzuki, the partnership is poised to accelerate the growth and development of the industry.

This partnership exemplifies the potential for collaboration between various stakeholders to create synergies and drive positive change in the automotive sector.

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