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Manual Gear box vs Automatic gear box

The great majority of cars that are bought new today have an automatic gearbox . Still, many people swear by manual shifting . It should come as no surprise that both gearboxes have supporters and opponents, as they both have their assets. Which type suits you best? It all depends on your driving and lifestyle.

Most Belgians still have a manual gearbox . Switching manually higher and lower has therefore become a real routine where we hardly have to think. The biggest advantage of manual shifting is that you can drive sportier . You have much more control over your driving behavior and experience your car ride a lot more.

Technically, there is not much difference between an automatic and manual gearbox. However, this has a great effect on your driving experience . You only have to accelerate and brake, everything else is done for you. That means that you can drive around a lot more carefree and relaxed. This is particularly useful if you have been in a traffic jam for a long time.

The biggest advantage of a machine? That you can draw all your attention to traffic . Much safer for you and the others in traffic.

When choosing a gearbox, be inspired by your driving style, how often you have to go on the track and how often you often drive in heavy traffic.

Do you often have to go on the road for long distances for work ? Then your wrist will be pleased with an automatic gearbox. People who are stuck in traffic jams or who drive around in the city every day are also more likely to enjoy a vending machine.

A manual gearbox is better for real car fans and people who like to be in control at all times . In addition, a car with manual gearbox is usually slightly more affordable than cars with an automatic gearbox.

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