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Land Rover Defender ad was withdrawn because it contained Lies

Once again, an advertisement of a car falls “victim” from some complaints of viewers, as a result of which it is “cut” from the air. 

In particular, the competent authority of the United Kingdom decided that a new advertisement of the Land Rover Defender contained some misleading information for consumers and ordered its withdrawal.

As you can see, Defender’s advertisement has some weird shots, with a waterfall serving as a car wash, a police officer regulating traffic in the desert dunes, etc. 

All is well so far, with the problem located at the point where the car reversing a cliff using the reversing camera.

At that point, the parking sensors were activated, but there was no obvious obstacle, which – according to the protesting citizens – should not happen and the car should fall off the cliff.

The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) examined the advertisement and said that although there were some stones behind the car, it was not clear whether the sound from the sensors could be heard because of them, or because of the cliff.

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