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Innoson To Aid The National Gas Expansion Programme

Nigeria’s indigenous auto brand Innoson have announced plan to aid the National Gas Expansion Programme.

According to a statement by Endi Ezengwa the CEO of Innoson Kiara Academy, the National Gas Expansion Programme(NGEP) is key to the survival of Nigeria as a nation in the coming years. 

“It is establishing systems to utilise the natural gas that we have been flaring for the past 70 years for energy as well as for the production of other petrochemicals needed for local and international markets.

As we make this all important transition to gas, we will need; 55 million gas cylinders (new models made of Polymer resins from our petrochemical plants).

300 million burners for cooking gas cylinders using recycled metal scraps in the country.

Apart from saving scarce foreign exchange, this will create lots of jobs in the process.

” Ezengwa said. 

Innoson Kiara Academy was invited to provide solutions for the training component and to start a pilot scheme.

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