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Hyundai presents its sporty i20 N

Marketed next spring in Europe, the i20 N promises a strong temperament, but it is not certain that we will have it in France.

It is becoming a habit: the very heavy tax rules imposed by the government on cars deemed to be polluting are gradually signing the death of conventional sports cars. Will we be entitled to this i20 N which will set up its wheels in Europe next spring? It is still too early to tell. But what is certain is that the engineers of the N division were not idle when it came to radicalizing the city car i20.

Without making it a car as inspired by rallying as the Yaris GR , one of its designated competitors, the Korean can still count on a 1.6 turbo 4-cylinder engine of 204 hp and 275 Nm from 1,175 rpm to move its featherweight 1,190 kg. An engine very similar to the one found at Kia in the Ceed GT, ProCeed and XCeed , except that it is here associated exclusively with a 6-speed manual gearbox for more involvement at the wheel.

Between its war paint and the specific bodywork elements, the N cannot be confused with a standard Hyundai i20. © Hyundai

The i20 N can also count on technologies such as rev matching (automatic throttle on downshifting) or a mechanical limited slip differential to guarantee a high level of sportiness. The running gear part has obviously been thoroughly revised: in addition to a ground clearance lowered by 10 mm, the chassis has been reinforced in 12 points, the springs, shock absorbers and anti-roll bars are specific to the N version and the geometry is more aggressive than on standard versions. The brakes have obviously been increased to collect the excess power.

The look is in tune with the technical sheet with a suggestive body kit (grille with specific patterns, front bumper with enlarged air intakes, diffuser, 18-inch rims, spoiler…) and contrasting red details. Much wiser, the interior can still count on an aluminum pedal, blue details, sports seats and a specific steering wheel. The latter incorporates two N buttons which directly call up the most extreme driving modes. There are 5 in all (Eco, Normal, Sport, N and N Custom), which affect engine response, steering, artificial sound in the cabin and ESP. Note, the latter is completely disconnectable for the more adventurous.

The interior of the Hyundai i20 N benefits from a few specific elements, such as the steering wheel and its N buttons for driving modes. 

It remains to be seen whether Hyundai will decide to import it to us, which is far from certain. In the absence of the i30 N , which is no longer available in France, the more edgy model in the current range is the i30 Fastback N Line, equipped with a 1.5 turbo 160 hp with mild hybridization.

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