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How to sleep in an Aeroplane

Taking a long flight can be exhausting. Not only that, if you are also moving a lot from the starting meridian, you will probably find yourself with a nice jet leg to dispose of. Sometimes sleeping on the plane can be the only solution to deal with this type of travel, without landing looking like the living dead.

But how do you rest if you don’t have the opportunity to lie down on a comfortable first-class seat? to remedy the problem,SIXT he thought of giving you some advice for sleeping on the plane.


It goes without saying that if your journey requires a stopover, the chances of rest will be reduced. Between boarding and disembarking, unfortunately the opportunities to rest will mostly be the waiting hours between one flight and another.

If you are facing a very long direct flight , do not underestimate the importance of choosing your seat on the plane. To avoid being bothered by stewardesses, stewards and passengers walking up and down the aisle, your best bet for sleeping on the plane is to choose a window seat .

This way you will not only be disturbed much less by people in the corridor, but you will also avoid being in the central seat if it is a row of 3. Besides being one of the most uncomfortable due to the limited space, nobody likes to be in the middle. to two strangers.

Another tip is to try to reserve a seat just beyond the exit doors or emergency doors when booking: they offer more leg room, giving you the opportunity to stretch them along the way. Furthermore, if you have the possibility, avoid the seats near the toilets so as not to be disturbed by the constant traffic of passengers and possible bad smells.


The night before take-off, try not to rest for long . The more tired you are when you board, the more likely it is that sleeping on the plane is not a problem. Go to bed late, get up early or have a coffee. If you can, sleep only for a few hours at most before heading to the airport. However, there are many things to do before leaving, packing everything you need, packing everything in your suitcase, fixing up the house. Get tired for good! You will have plenty of time to sleep on the plane.

Another tip is to put style aside and choose loose, comfortable clothes . Don’t forget your shoes, those are imported too! Choose a comfortable pair of shoes that make you feel comfortable. There are no specific rules that prohibit taking off your shoes during the flight, but you certainly won’t meet the empathy of your neighbors. If you want to take them off, a suggestion might be to bring some lightweight slippers to wear .

How many times have you fallen asleep in extremely uncomfortable positions? To avoid irritating neck pains to deal with throughout the journey, bring a small travel pillow with you .


When you have taken place in your seat, make sure to connect correctly the belt of security and, above all, to make it visible to the flight crew . Otherwise, the flight crew may have to wake you up to check if you are wearing it correctly.

If you do not want to be disturbed during the flight, please inform the staff that you do not want to be served meals. another suggestion is to put headphones on your ears to limit noise pollution or to listen to a playlist to help you rest. If you are prone to ear pain due to vibration or pressure, you can find specific ear devices at the pharmacy.

If, on the other hand, you have great difficulty sleeping on the plane due to stress or other conditions, a little pharmaceutical help may be the right solution to adopt. It is not necessary to use sleeping pills, there are lighter remedies that can also help you fall asleep. You could for example take a herbal tea, the herbal pills or possibly melatonin . It is possible to get these products in pharmacies or in stores that sell natural products.

Some people drink moderately to make them sleepy. However, scientific studies have shown that even if you sleep, the rest you get when you are drunk is of much lower quality than when you are sober. Overall, we mention to point out that alcohol is not really a recommended option .


Arriving at your destination rested is certainly a positive factor, but you must always take into account your arrival time . There is little point in being fresh as a rose if landing is scheduled for 9:00 pm. Try to calibrate the hours of sleep on the plane in order to be able, once you arrive at your destination, to get into the rhythm with the new time zone without too much difficulty.

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