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How to prevent car sickness

During a car holiday , motion sickness is a real damper to the revelry. That is why you better take the necessary measures in advance to prevent nausea in the car. In addition to adjusting your driving style , there are many other useful tricks that can help you. An overview!

Why are we car sick?

In motion sickness, the information in our brains is disrupted. Because we are in an unusual situation – a moving car – our eyes, muscles and organs of balance receive special stimuli. Our brains are therefore confused and produce more histamine in response . And it is that substance that generates vomiting . Fortunately, there are several ways to prevent or limit motion sickness.

1. Keep your eyes on the road

It’s a classic, but keeping your eyes on the road is still a very effective way to prevent nausea. That is also the reason why the car driver never suffers from motion sickness: his sense of balance does not get confused. So do not start reading or gaming in the car, because even then you will get sick more quickly.

2. Fresh air for a fresh cup

If the car is well ventilated , you will be less likely to get sick anyway. So be sure to turn on the air conditioner or open the windows , so that you too feel fresher.

3. Prevent motion sickness with an earplug

Putting an earplug in one ear can help rebalance your body . Left-handed people put it in their right ear and right-handed people in their left ear.

4. Full breaks

Do you find yourself not feeling great? Take a break in time to avoid getting really car sick. Walking around and getting a breath of fresh air always works.

5.Medication for motion sickness

Finally, there are also medicines for motion sickness. Take a pill in advance or choose a natural remedy, such as ginger .

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