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Formula 1 has announced the three Sprint races for 2022

The F1 committee today approved three Sprint races in three 2022 Grand Prix to be held at Imola, Red Bull Ring and Interlagos.

The form of Sprint races in F1 was presented last year and included a 100 km race with each lasting about 25-30 minutes. The result of the Sprint race determined the starting order on the grid for the main event of the weekend, Sunday’s Grand Prix.

For this year, the points system has been modified, with the first eight drivers earning points, when previously they were only the top three. This means that the driver who finishes first in the Sprint race will add eight points to his harvest, and each subsequent position will correspond to one point less, until we reach the 8th, which will take one point.

It was also decided that the driver who will record the fastest time in the qualifiers, which will take place on the weekends of the Sprint races on Friday – will be in the form of pole position. Last year, he was the driver who won the Sprint race, the one who won the pole position.

The qualifiers will continue to determine the grid for Saturday’s Sprint race, with the result of the latter determining the starting order of Sunday’s Grand Prix.

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