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Ford recalls 252,936 Explorer in the US

Ford recalls 252,936 Explorer in US 2020-2022, to replace a bolt used to mount the rear axle to the car’s subframe.

This bolt can break by allowing the drive shaft to disconnect from the rear axle, which would allow the vehicle to roll while parked if the brake is not applied.

According to Ford

“The design of the joint is not robust enough to withstand the force of the torque on departure or its variations, depending on its manufacture. The main cause is an insufficient bearing surface for the maximum joint loads. This results in deformation of the bearing surface, which increases the bending stress on the bolt, which can lead to fatigue failure.”

According to the company, dealers will either replace a bushing and the axle cover, or they will update electronic parking brake software, depending on the model.

Dealers will be notified beginning in April, and owners will be notified by June 10.

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