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Fixit45 boosts Nigeria’s Autogas initiative, trains technicians on CNG Kits installation

L-R: Gaurav Goyal, director, Mijo Autogas Pvt Ltd, India, Pankaj Bohhra, co-founder, Fixit45 and other trainees during the recently concluded nationwide CNG Kits installation training programme for Nigerian technicians

Nigeria is on the march towards a sustainable Autogas future that will assist vehicle owners save between 40 percent to 60 percent running cost as the pump prices of on petrol soar.

Recently, many local automobile engineers and technicians received intensive training and education in both Lagos and Abuja on the installation of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) kits in vehicles, following the groundbreaking innovation from Fixit45 with Mijo Autogas India as technical partners.

Some weeks ago, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu of Nigeria was in India to discuss areas of bilateral economic relations, and one of the highpoints of the talks between the Nigerian and Indian governments were in the area of energy utilisation and collaboration.

The 3-day training was first organized inside the Fixit45 ultramodern and well equipped fitment centre in Lagos, while the second phase of the training took place at the CNG Training and Fitment Centre in Abuja.

Led by the co-founder of Fixit45 Nigeria, Pankaj Bohhra and the director of Mijo Autogas India Pvt Ltd, Gaurav Goyal, the training encompassed theoretical lectures and hands-on practical sessions.

Topics covered included sales of CNG kits, CNG fitment procedures, and mechanic certification. During the training, emphasis was on the safety and affordability of CNG as an alternative fuel.

Pankaj Bohhra highlighted the cost-effectiveness of CNG compared to traditional fuels, emphasising its potential to reduce operating expenses for vehicle owners.

He declared that, the aim of the partnership with the Mijo Autogas India is to spearhead Nigeria’s transition to Autogas and align with the country’s energy transition initiative with the purpose of being a technical partner in the area of training, employment generation and seamless execution through its technology and installation centers network.

The ultimate goal is to establish authorized installation centers with Fixit45 vast network, save 40 percent to 60 percent fuel cost on automobiles, offer competitive prices for CNG kits, reduce automatic fuel detection and create digital job opportunities that will contribute to the nation’s economic growth and sustainable future.

In a joint briefing during the training programmes, Fixit45 and Mijo stated that, their collaboration aims to establish six training centres across Nigeria with Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt as key.

The focus will be on creating opportunities for over 5000 Nigerian youths in CNG kits installation, programming and trouble shooting which will also translate to significant employment opportunities for Nigerians.

In the submission of Pankaj Bohhra “By the end of this training programme,.the objective is to transfer the knowledge of installation as well as that of trouble shooting from the Indian expertise to the local expertise so that, they can get benefit as a result of the knowledge acquired on the installation and become economically beneficial as well as give the trained technicians a means of livelihood.

Speaking of the importance of equipping youths with these skills, Engr Gaurav Goyal, director of Mijo Autogas Pvt Ltd, India.stressed the role of vocational training in advancing the automotive industry.

The event underscored the growing importance of alternative fuel technologies in Nigeria’s automotive sector and highlighted the commitment of industry stakeholders to drive innovation and sustainability.

CNG appears to be the new solution for replacing fuel-consuming cars, and people should take advantage of it amid the fuel subsidy removal by enrolling in Fixit45 to learn and convert their vehicles.


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