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Defender, Discovery, Range Rover now under JLR

…still retains honorary Land Rover badging.

Reports from the luxury automakers headquarters in tye United Kingdom says that, the days of Jaguar Land Rover are officially over, at least in name.

As of June 1, the UK-based luxury automaker is officially known as JLR. You can probably guess where the three letters come from, but this is more than just an abbreviation of a slightly awkward title.

It’s a new corporate identity that sees iconic Land Rover models transition to brands under a new JLR umbrella, on the same footing as Jaguar.

Recall that this change filtered into the global automotive circles in mid-April, presented as part of JLR’s $18.6 billion Reimagine strategy. At that price, JLR is obviously doing more than just creating a new logo.

Manufacturing facilities are being upgraded and overhauled for the electric future, and the automaker has plans to move swiftly in that direction.

The automaker says, it was already aware about JLR’s next-gen ELR platform for electric SUVs, slated to underpin the Range Rover EV (Electric Vehicle) in 2025.

On Jaguar’s side of the fence, a new JEA platform will also arrive that year for three new EVs, including a four-door GT that’s said to have more power than any production Jag in history.

For now, at least, the focus is on branding. A look at the Land Rover website shows a small Land Rover logo towards the bottom of the main page. Defender, Discovery, and Range Rover are listed as brands, but that does not mean JLR is abandoning 75 years of brand equity with Land Rover.

The SUVs will still carry Land Rover badges, and the name will endure as a heritage mark for the company and executives envision the reimagined JLR as a House of Brands for distinct British luxury motoring and beyond.


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