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Childhood dream of Indian farmer to buy Mercedes-Benz fulfilled after 80 years

Buying a car is still a very big dream for many in a country like India. While some consider cars a luxury, here is an inspiring story about an Indian farmer who fulfilled his childhood dream of buying a luxury car at the age of 88.

The way in which this farmer turned his dreams into reality is actually very interesting. The 88-year-old farmer bought a Mercedes-Benz B-Class car, and the video of him buying the car went viral on the internet back then. The farmer actually bought this car back in 2018.

The video has been shared by SBS Aviation on their YouTube channel. In this video, H. Devarajan, the farmer who bought the car, is seen. The video explains how he fell in love with Mercedes-Benz as a child.

Devarajan saw a Mercedes-Benz for the first time when he was around 8 years old. It was love at first sight. He had no idea about the brand or the car that he saw that day, but the three-pointed star, or Mercedes-Benz logo, remained in his mind.

He made a promise to himself that day to buy a Mercedes-Benz. Devarajan worked hard for his dream and finally made it a reality at the age of 88. The happiness on the face of the farmer is quite evident, and just like the customer, the dealership also celebrated this lifetime achievement of Devarajan.

The dealership had made special arrangements for the delivery, and they even brought a cake that the customer cut. Devarajan can be heard saying in the video that he is extremely thankful to his wife, who supported him at every stage of his life.

The farmer visited the dealership with his family. They completed all the paperwork, and finally, the keys were handed over to him. Devarajan sat inside the car. The farmer had bought a B-Class MPV.

This model is no longer available in the market. It is a sub-compact luxury MPV that offered a lot of space. It was the first MPV-hatchback launched by the German brand in India. The car offers large doors, which makes getting in and out of the car easier for aged people like Devarajan himself.

From the beginning, a sense of achievement and happiness is quite visible on the customer’s face. We can see him smiling throughout the video. The B-Class was not an inexpensive car by any means. When available in the Indian market, it was priced at almost 32 lakh, ex-showroom.

Buying a luxury car has become a lot easier for people these days. Last week, there was a video from Bihar, India where a farmer was actually using a BMW 5-series sedan to transport green fodder for his cattle.

Several used luxury car dealers have emerged in different parts of the country. In Delhi NCR, due to the 10-year government rule, well-kept diesel luxury cars are often sold at very attractive prices.


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