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Car Maintenance tips for every car owner

Car maintenance tips

When driving, car owners and friends should pay more attention to the warning signs on the dashboard, and also pay attention to the maintenance items and maintenance intervals of the car, such as oil, machine filter, air filter, air filter, spark plug, etc. Carefully take care of our car, it can work better for us and increase its service life.

  1. Oil and oil filter
Maintenance cycle: every 5000 kilometers

Everyone knows that the most common replacement for our vehicles is the oil and oil filter. Under normal circumstances, the first guarantee is carried out at 5000 kilometers or 6 months (whichever comes first), and then every 5000 kilometers or 6 months. Maintain once. Of course, the maintenance time or mileage of models of different brands are different.

 2. Air filter
Maintenance cycle: every 20,000 kilometers

The air filter plays a role in filtering out dust and sand particles in the air, ensuring that sufficient and clean air enters the cylinder. However, after a period of use of the air filter, dust will stick to the filter element, so corresponding maintenance and replacement must be carried out, otherwise the filtering capacity will be reduced, the air circulation will be blocked, and the engine will work abnormally. Therefore, regular maintenance of the air filter is also vital.

3. Air conditioning filter
Maintenance cycle: every 20,000 kilometers

The air conditioning filter plays a vital role in the air filtration in the car. It can filter pollen, soot, benzene, methanol, PM2.5, tiny organisms and other inhalable tiny particles, keep the air in the car clean, and give it to the car. Passengers provide a good air environment.

 4. Spark plug
Maintenance cycle: every 30,000 kilometers

Long-term use of spark plugs will produce carbon deposits, which will result in insufficient engine combustion and difficulty in starting. Therefore, the vehicle needs to replace the spark plug regularly to maintain the best running state of the engine.

5. Brake fluid
Maintenance cycle: every 30,000 kilometers

Brake fluid, also known as brake fluid, is an indispensable part of the braking system. Frequent braking during driving generates a lot of frictional heat, which increases the temperature of the braking system. If a brake fluid with a low boiling point and easy to evaporate is used, the brake fluid will evaporate at high temperatures, and the pipes of the local brake system are filled with steam. , Resulting in air resistance, causing brake failure.

6. Gasoline filter
Maintenance cycle: every 60000 kilometers

The function of the gasoline filter is to filter out the iron oxide, dust and other solid impurities or water contained in the gasoline to ensure that the clean gasoline enters the engine for full combustion. If the gasoline filter is too dirty or clogged, it will cause insufficient engine power and difficulty in starting. At this time, the oil filter should be replaced in time to extend the service life of the engine.

7. Transmission oil
  Maintenance cycle: every 60000 kilometers

  Gearbox oil is an oil product that keeps the gearshift system clean. It can ensure the normal operation of the gearbox and prolong the life of the transmission device. It can also provide effective lubrication at low temperatures and reduce oil loss.

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