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Trucks Transit Parks digital product launched  to accelerate cargo movement in Nigeria 


Nigerian technology company, Trucks Transit Parks (TTP) Ltd. renowned for its proprietary software, Eto app, an electronic call-up system that has contributed to decongesting traffic in and around the ports, has launched a new digital product called Tafiyah. 

Tafiyah is an innovative tech logistics product designed to serve as an electronic marketplace for truck and cargo owners to conduct their businesses seamlessly. It’s a digital freight matching platform that allows cargo owners, and other registered users to have access to idle but closely available trucks, to fulfill their various business needs. 

Jama Onwubuariri, managing director of Trucks Transit Parks, said the company is excited to be introducing a new product that will accelerate the evacuation of cargoes from various locations around Nigeria, including warehouses, markets, product aggregation points, inland container depots, airports and seaports.

According to him, “Our core at Trucks Transit Parks is to help businesses and partners achieve maximum operational excellence, save time, and increase their revenue. Our new digital product, Tafiyah is positioned to do just that.

With Tafiyah, businesses looking for trucks to evacuate their cargoes from their preferred locations are seamlessly connected to proximately available empty trucks that can carry out that evacuation”. 

The primary objective is to create a win-win situation for all  stakeholders while ensuring operational efficiency in the sector. With Tafiyah, there will be less trucks idling on the road, at parks and other waiting locations, and merchants do not need to look too far to get trucks to convey their products. 

Using Tafiyah, with a search on their phones, cargo owners/shippers can find the right type of truck, with the right capacity type, and agree on a preferred delivery date, and preferred destination. They will also enjoy direct access between cargo owner and transporter to discuss terms and pricing”, Onwubuariri added. 

Commenting on the innovation at Trucks Transit Parks Ltd. new application, Onwubuariri said, “Innovation is the key component of our work at TTP, so we are constantly looking for new ways to improve the experiences of our customers and the overall experience of stakeholders in the maritime sector”. 

He declared that everything that the company does as a technology company including the design of its solutions has the customer as the focus. It is on this basis that we have worked over the past months to develop Tafiyah, an innovative solution that would help businesses in this sector to accomplish more, and we are optimistic that it will open more opportunities for business growth for our customers.  

Tafiyah helps take away the hassles of looking for trucks to evacuate products from any location, eliminates the complex, manual process, and additional cost inherent in working through middlemen.

It also helps in providing direct access to TDOs as provided by the cargo owner or agent, and works in connection with Eto app for ease of scheduling, batching and movement of trucks in and out of the ports. 

The managing director assured that the company; Trucks Transit Parks remains committed to providing technological solutions to logistics and haulage in the Nigerian maritime sector. The company has partnered with government, regulators, and private bodies to create better scheduling and organization for trucks and hopes to replicate the successes it has had with its Eto app with the Tafiyah app. 

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