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Toyota’s new TMGO’s lubricant range deepens competition in Nigeria

R-L: Kunle Ade-Ojo, Managing Director of TNL,
Otsubo Shinji, Managing Ďirector, Idemitsu Lube for Middle East & Africa
and Ravindar Sharma, Head of Parts at TNL, during the launch of Toyota Genuine Motor Oil at the Toyota Certified Service Centre, Isolo, Lagos…on Thursday.

….reduces mechanical wear, friction, keeps engine clean

Prospective corporate and individual buyers of the new Toyota brand in Nigeria through its a accredited dealers are guarrantees of very good returns on their investment (RoI) following the official launch of the new range of Toyota Genuine Motor Oil into the market by Toyota Nigeria Limited on Thursday August 3 in Lagos.

The formal launch of the new lubricant coming of the Toyota Genuine Motor Oil (TGMO) into the market has further deepened the competition among top lubricant makers in Nigeria.

Launched and formally introduced on that historic day by rhe top management of TNL and Idemitsu the lubricant makers are TGMO of grades like the 20W50, 5W30 and 15W40, even as other grades will be added to the range later.

Managing Director, Toyota Nigeria Limited, Kunle Ade-Ojo, said prior to the unveiling of the Toyota Genuine Motor Oil manufactured by Idemitsu of Japan, that the engine oil comes with every new Toyota vehicle from the manufacturer.

Ade.Ojo declared that, the TGMO was designed with Toyota vehicles in mind, adding that other automobiles could also use it for good engine performance of their vehicles.

He added that, apart from Toyota owners, the new engine oil will be made available to other interested motorists through its seven accredited dealers.

Ade-Ojo said the TGMO would be made available to Toyota customers and other interested motorists through its seven accredited dealers. He.also announced a 10-15 per cent discount for buyers of the oil till the end of August.

On his part, the general manager, Lubricant division at Idemitsu Company of Japan, Handa Toyokazu, said firm has had a strong relationship with Toyota Motor Corporation, with a vision to produce engine oil that would give peace of mind to users through the technology of lubricant. By introducing the TGMO to Nigeria, “We hope to contribute to the good business of the country using the oil”.

Managing Director of the Middle East and Africa at Idemitsu Lube, Otsubo Shinji, said the company “manufactures and supplies Toyota genuine oil to countries around the world, including Japan.”

He assured that, the oil would help to reduce mechanical wear and friction, keep the engine clean, thus extending the component life of the vehicle. TGMO he said is an exceptional product that represents Toyota’s relentless commitment to innovation, reliability, quality, and sustainability.”

Many benefits of the new oil is its advanced formula. The oil has been designed to meet and exceed the strictest industry standards, he said.

The advanced formula (thin film of protection) provides enhanced protection against engine wear, reduces friction, and optimises fuel efficiency, giving you a smoother and more enjoyable driving experience.”

Other benefits of using the oil as engine longevity, environmental friendliness, helping to maintain the vehicle warranty and ultimately ensuring customers satisfaction.

TMGO’s helps extend the life of your engine if used regularly. With its superior protection against sludge and deposits, your engine will remain cleaner, ensuring it operates at peak performance throughout its lifespan.

The automakers said it understand its esponsibility towards the planet. That is why the motor oil is developed to be more environmentally friendly, with reduced emissions during the manufacturing process and extended drain intervals that reduce waste and oil disposal.


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